Monday, July 16, 2012

Vivid Lacquer Stamping Plate 002

I've got another indie review for y'all today.  This time, a stamping plate.  That's right, an indie plate maker!  This is the second plate VL002 from Anni at VividLacquer on Etsy.  It includes four full size images plus six (well, eight if you're splitting up the balloons) smaller images.  It came perfectly clean with no scratches; the streaks you see here are from the acetone I used to clean it after stamping.  Didn't think to photograph it until afterward : /

And when I say full size, I mean FULL SIZE.  Each large image is 2cm x 2cm, which is more than large enough to cover my thumb and is awesome for longer nails.  Because they're so large, you might need to practice a bit with the placement of some of them, particularly the butterfly wings.  I found it didn't matter too much with the honeycomb or stars because my only goal was to cover the nail, not focus on a particular part of the design.

I am quite impressed with how these turned out.  The plate is engraved deeply enough that it's very easy to get a good image, even as an inexperienced stamper.  I was curious about how the half-moon would work because it's such a large area, but it turned out fine.  It helps to scrape it in two different directions and use a light touch, but I didn't have an issue getting a good image from it.

At $8 each, these are a bit more pricey than other plates, but well worth the money for the quality, the larger images and designs other than flowers and butterflies.  I bought this plate solely for the snail, but I totally love all the other images and I'm sure I'll get tons of use out of it.

Vivid Lacquer also has some lovely handmade 3-free polishes and another stamping plate, VL001, with plans to add more in the future.  Anni's customer service is awesome and shipping on this plate was very fast.  

I used Essie Marshmallow as a base and stamped with China Glaze Passion.


  1. I recently bought both of the image plates and am keen to get them and use them. This plate caught my eye for the butterfly wing and honeycomb images alone.

  2. Every time I see nails stamped from this plate, I get jealous. Your nails look awesome.